Christmas Formats Today! DISCOUNT: 40%!
You can download and air your all-Christmas format today! You choose from pop or country formats. You'll have a large library of 1,500 Holiday pop or 950 country songs...including several dozen new in 2015! Your station can go 100% Christmas for only $300 (normally $500).
Click Here for Free Samples - new songs in 2015

These were the most played Christmas songs last year. Music lists are at the bottom of this page.

For a limited time, these all-Christmas $500 packages are only $300 via Internet download, or on flash drives by Priority Mail for $340 or overnighted via Express Mail for $360.

Or...Pick and Choose Only What You Want
If you only need to choose a few tunes to update your existing library, our minimum order on a credit card is only $100. Fewer than 500 Christmas songs are $2.00 each.

We'll also keep you up to date this season. When good new Christmas songs are released this year, we'll email our subscribers a link to our private dropbox where you can download them free.

Your Christmas library downloads from the Internet unattended in a few hours or overnight. They import seamlessly into your studio automation with titles, artists, intros, lengths, ends and smooth sequencing.

You also get an Excel spreadsheet that imports into your music software for your own scheduling.

Dave Scott
Ex-CEO Scott Studios & TM Century

All songs are true CD quality 1,440 kpbs uncompressed stereo WAVE files at 44,100 kHz sampling. Our studio guru is Dave Scott, who does music right! He was founder and former CEO of Scott Studios and TM Century, both in Dallas. His companies have sold over 8,000 music libraries to radio stations. Every song is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Click here for the AC Christmas song list. Click here for the Country Christmas song list.
Our year-round business is song libraries for the rest of the year. Click here for details.

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