Freshen up your music
Upgrade quality to best sounding WAVEs
You've found the highest quality radio music source. Dave Scott invented SS32 automation while CEO of Scott Studios and invented GoldDisc and HitDisc CDs as CEO of TM Century (now TM Studios). His music has been a major source for more than 8,000 radio stations. In 2013, over 400 stations ordered music from him.

Dave Scott
Ex-CEO Scott Studios & TM Century
            True CD quality 1,440 bps WAVE files
       Consistent levels!
       Perfect segues & tight starts with any automation
       Metadata titles, artist & timing for your automation
       Cleanest lyric radio versions*
       Your order is completely confidential
       Excel music lists for scheduler input
       Christmas at a discount
       Fast delivery by Internet or shipment of flash drive
       Beat other WAVE music vendor prices by 10%
All songs are uncompressed WAVE files digitally mastered with no processing other than normalizing for uniform levels. We never sell MP3's—and don't ever bring any into our studios.

Guaranteed Compatibility with Your Digital System
Tell us your digital system and we'll deliver your songs to match perfectly. Titles, artists, timing info on your cart labels and smooth segues are automatic. At slight extra cost, you can get audio CDs (just like the record store except custom made with just the songs you want).

Formats Available Now   Music lists available here.
Alternative Rock
Classic Rock
Play Anything/
Hot AC
Soft AC
Big Bands
Classic Country
50's Oldies
60's Oldies
70's Oldies
80's Oldies
90's Oldies
Urban Oldies
Urban AC
Smooth Jazz
Contemporary   Christian
Adult Standards

Send me your want list...
I have 80,000 songs not listed here!

You choose from:
       Pre-packaged "safe list" library, your best value. Music lists available here.
       Your custom library selected from our Excel spreadsheet:  Only $1.29 per song (plus
          media and shipping.) $25 minimum order, no maximum.  Click here to order.
       Christmas libraries of 500+ songs for $500 (REDUCED TO $300 with any other library)
       Your custom library from your email list:  $1.29 per song from Excel
          or Word document (plus media and shipping) or $1.50 from a faxed list.
          $25 minimum order, no maximum.  Send in your music want list to
 or fax to 1-815-361-7466 with your name, address, station.
          We'll advise if there are any songs we don't have and send you an invoice.
       or any combination of pre-packed or custom.

Delivery by Internet, Flash Drive, Hard Drive or Audio CD
       Song download by Internet FTP is free (recommended for 100 songs or less);
       USB plug-and-play hard drive adds $125 (with enough space for all the songs you buy);
       Smaller libraries can be shipped on a flash drive at lower cost
       Audio CD adds 21-cents per song;
       Or get your songs on several media at $1.29 per song plus media and shipping.

Shipping Is By Service Of Your Choice
Shipping can be billed to your FedEx or UPS account so any corporate discounts would apply. Priority Mail is about $15, delivered in 2-3 business days.

Thousands Of Happy Customers
including WRXP (New Rock 101.9), New York, WIQI-FM (i101) and WKQX (Q87.7 87.7 MHz), Chicago.
"Dave, you've been great throughout this process. Your customer service and attention to detail has been outstanding. I can't thank you enough."

[Note:   Jim sent his music list at Noon Thursday but had his complete library on hard drive FedEx Saturday at 9:20 AM.]

Jim Richards

Jim Richards, PD
Merlin Media, Chicago, IL & New York City

"Uncompressed Music has become another member of our programming team. They provided us ALL of our music when Saga launched Big Buck Country 106.9 in Milwaukee on short notice. Now whenever I need two or twenty more songs, I get them quickly after my request."

Laurie Jones
Lauri Jones
Program Director
Big Buck Country 106.9
Jammin' 98.3
Milwaukee, WI

"Wonderful service. You helped me get the music I needed after my last music test. And you were fast. Plus these songs sound great in uncompressed 'Wave' format. I've been talking you up with several of the other Bonneville PDs."

Joel Grey Joel Grey,
KPKX-FM, Phoenix
"We were going crazy trying to find songs for our new radio station! Uncompressed solved library problems, instantly! Price was way better than the $5-$18 per song we were paying at record stores, and we got the radio versions we needed! Audio quality and the service is excellent!"
Mark Shands
Mark Shands, PD
KAZZ 107, Spokane, WA

"Listeners call us on a daily basis praising our extensive music library. 'These are quality cuts we don't hear on other radio stations. They're not the same songs over and over and over.'

"Uncompressed is fabulous!"

Steven Salter Peach 97.7
Steven Salter, GM
The Peach, WHPH
Jemison, AL
"I'm really impressed. Uncompressed was the easiest option for replacing our antique mpegs and adding depth to our library. The selection is huge. Quality is unmatched! You've saved me time and money! You can count on me ordering again."

Jake Niemand
Jake Niemand, PD
Montevideo, MN

"We got complete libraries for two stations. We liked selecting what we want rather than a "package" with songs we didn't want.

Selection was fantastic. It went directly into our automation and music scheduler without any typing, saving time. It came quickly and quality is excellent.

Chuck Gennaro
Chuck Gennaro
Rapids, WI
" had all my hard-to-find songs available in superior sound quality, priced just the same as inferior compressed files. But what really sets him apart is customer service. I'm 100% satisfied."

Alan Vreeland
Columbus, OH

"Incredibly quick service with a personal touch! I'll be back."

Bill Stewart
Bill Stewart, VP/GM
Meredith Comm.
Atlantic, IA

"Radio Music is a lifesaver. When I couldn't find several songs for a format I am developing, they were able to provide clean, CD-quality wave files virtually overnight. is like having the library for every format in the world at one's fingertips."

K.M. Richards
Programming Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
"Thanks for the fast turnaround. Great service for New York City or Columbus, Mississippi! First call all the way!"

Ray Toney, GM
Columbus, MS

Sales:  1-866-500-0500 toll-free
Studio:  1-866-500-0500 toll-free
FAX:  1-815-361-7466
307 Brown Street
Waxahachie, Texas 75165
          (Suburban Dallas)
Also, visit websites for the other Dave Scott Companies:  Radio Traffic.Com, RadioAdStore.Com and UnattendedWeather.Com.

*Although we make every attempt to provide clean lyrics and our percentage is far higher than commercial CDs or download services, squeaky clean versions may not be available for all songs. Caution warnings are usually provided when the only available version has questionable lyrics.
Music and dubbing services are only available to broadcasters with valid music performance licenses.
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