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Freshen up your music...upgrade to the best sounding WAVEs!
You've found the highest quality radio music source. Dave Scott invented SS32 automation while CEO of Scott Studios and invented GoldDisc and HitDisc CDs as CEO of TM Century (now TM Studios). His music has been a major source for more than 8,000 radio stations.
In 2013, over 400 stations ordered music from him.

Dave Scott
Ex-CEO Scott Studios & TM Century
            True CD quality 1,440 bps WAVE files
       Consistent levels!
       Perfect segues & tight starts with any automation
       Metadata titles, artist & timing for your automation
       Cleanest lyric radio versions*
       Your order is completely confidential
       Excel music lists for scheduler input
       Fast delivery by Internet or shipment of flash drive
       Beat other WAVE music vendor prices by 10%
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All songs are uncompressed WAVE files digitally mastered with no processing other than normalizing for uniform levels. We never deal with MP3s. Click here to try our service with 21 free patriotic songs.

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Guaranteed Compatibility with Your Digital System
Tell us your digital system and we'll deliver your songs to match perfectly. Titles, artists, timing info on your cart labels and smooth segues are automatic. At slight extra cost, you can get audio CDs (just like the record store except custom made with just the songs you want).

Right click and 'save link as...' to download a copy of our Master Song List.
Or, click here to see our pre-packaged formats.

*100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If any song we deliver isn't entirely what you want, we will repair or replace until you are satisfied or refund for that song. We listen to the intro and ending of every song to deliver perfect timing in your automation. However, we do not listen to the entire song to censor lyrics. Although we make every attempt to provide clean lyrics and our percentage is far higher than commercial CDs or download services, squeaky clean versions may not be available for all songs. Caution warnings are usually provided when the only available version has questionable lyrics.

Music and dubbing services are only available to broadcasters with valid music performance licenses.

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