We have a massive CD wall with 100,000+ songs not listed online (including currents and recurrents)!

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UMC pricing
You can get either an off-the-shelf package (with a playlist based on airplay monitors) or pick and choose your own format with just the songs you want to play. We're equally either way. The lowest cost per song delivered is when you get the whole package. But if it has more songs than you want, then picking your own format may be more cost effective if a package has music you won't play.

Most stations send us their list of songs they want to order and we take it from there, sending everything on that list automation ready for their system. We're happy to work from your list from your music scheduler, old charts, mediabase, song lists scribbled on napkins or postit notes. We'll deliver what you want from our 100,000 song library.

How To Pick & Choose Your Songs and

Get a 10% Discount off a la carte rates:

Some broadcasters are very anxious to save money, so--if they want to help save us some time--we can reward them with a lower price. Here's how you can make that happen:
Simply get one of our package format music lists off our website then mark that list. Put an X in the far left order column for each song you want. (It's essential you NOT delete the hidden cutID column between the title and artist. That code number is what our automated system uses to save us time in delivering your order, and if it's gone, so is your discount.) If you mark your own order, instead of applicable rate you'd qualify for 10% discount. That saves us the time of marking your order since you pick exactly what you want. We'll still send you song files named either with Artist - Title or you can specify the starting number and we'll increment consecutively at the discounted price. You also get an Excel database for fast import to your music software of titles, artists, intro, length, end and your file name with no typing on your part.

What if you want songs not in our package formats?

We're happy to include any additional songs in your order at a 5% discount if ordered at the same time but the 10% discount only applies to those on our package lists (because they contain our automated processing cutID numbers that save us time.)
Most likely any additional songs you would want are crossovers from other formats that we offer. You're welcome to venture into any number of other packaged music lists for additional tunes and send additional x-marked lists. The 10% discount applies to all the songs you order from (any of) our lists so long as we can unhide the cutID. You can send us a "want list" of songs not on our library lists and get a 5% discount on those songs we will also deliver to you, as long as they are ordered at the same time.