How To Download Your Music Order

After your have sent us your music list and credit card and we advise that your order is ready, click the button below.
Then find UCMDL-Setup in your downloads folder and double-click or Run to install. You may have to turn off your anti-virus software or otherwise authorize the installation.
For example, Windows may caution you that "Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk." and the big button at the bottom right says "Don't Run" but at the left just below the above text, then click the "More info" underlined text, click on "Run Anyway" to install, which IS safe and virus-free.
Then pick UMC Download from Windows start menu or type UCM Activate in Cortana and enter your customer name, user name and password in the new window. It is essential that you enter the drive letter *and a sub-folder* where you want to put the new music. Our startup default is the c:\ (root) folder but Windows probably won't allow you to copy files to that location unless you create a subfolder or switch to another drive letter. Click on the ... box at the far right and navigate to the desired local drive letter and folder where you want to put this new music. Note that you must download to a local drive (not mapped). Then click the big green Start Download button at the upper right of the downloader software.