We have a massive CD wall with 100,000+ songs not listed online (including currents and recurrents)!

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100% Satisfaction Limited Warranty:

If any song we deliver isn't exactly what you want, we will repair or replace until you are satisfied, or else refund for that song. We listen to the intro and ending of every song to deliver perfect timing in your automation. We do *not* listen to the entire song to censor lyrics. We recommend you have a responsible person at the station listen to every song prior to broadcast. There are several lyric websites available online and we recommend the Shazam app. We are happy to edit any songs to provide clean lyrics upon request after you receive your order. Our radio friendly percentage is far higher than commercial CDs or download services, squeaky clean versions may not be available for all songs.

Music and dubbing services are only available to broadcasters with valid music performance licenses.

Under no circumstances will we pay for consequential damages of any kind nor honor any claim for an amount greater than the money actually paid for the portion of songs not replaced to your satisfaction.