We have a massive CD wall with 100,000+ songs not listed online (including currents and recurrents)!

Credit Card Slip & W9

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UMC pricing

With Every Order, You Get:

Best quality WAVE music (true CD quality).
Fast and easy import of your entire library.
Automation ready songs with perfect auto-segue timing and meta-data for YOUR brand of system.
Titles, artists, intro time, segue length and ending already typed on the "cart labels" that you'll see on screen.
Excel database for fast import to your music software of titles, artists, intro, length and end with no typing.
Consistent peak audio levels on all songs.
We offer radio versions and--at no extra cost--long album versions.
Startup labor is fastest and least costly of any other music source. If you got music free from Internet downloads, you'd be getting poor quality compressed files that throw away 80% of the music compared to our true CD quality at 1411kbps. Also your total cost would end up much higher due to in-house labor for typing labels and music lists and making levels consistent compared to our music that's automation-ready.

Option 1 - Cost of music from our archives

Pick the songs you want from your lists or ours:
NAB Month Special - $2 per song - any quantity* - extended thru April 30, 2019 end of month
250-999 songs - $2 per song
100-249 songs - $3 per song
3-99 songs - $4 per song ($6 minimum charge to credit card)

Above rates are for music delivered by Internet download,, or FTP. WIth all options, we listen to the intro (from the beginning to the first vocal) and the last few seconds to pick the best segue or crossfade time, then enter those lengths in metadata for the cart label and Excel database. If lyrics were cleaned due to record label warning or for a previous customer, the cleaned version usually replaces the record company's version in our archives.

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Option 2 - Cost for Music with Lyric Lookup

NAB Month Special - $2.50 per song - any quantity* - extended thru April 30, 2019 end of month
250-999 songs - $2.50 per song
100-249 songs - $3.50 per song
3-99 songs - $4.50 per song ($6 minimum charge to credit card)

Essentially 50 cents per song more than Option 1 is charged on your entire order.
With this option, we check your song list against lyrics on the Internet. We only listen to the song and/or edit if offending lyrics show online.

Option 3 - Lyrics guaranteed FCC friendly

Not available. Click here for our 100% Satisfaction Limited Warranty.

Option 4 - free lyric cleanup

Upon request, for the first 100 days after you order a song from us, we will remove explicit content either by finding cleaned source material from record companies and/or editing or backmasking dirty words, but if you order our free lyric cleaning you must either do your own lyric checks and send us your list of which songs and words to clean or pay 50 cents per song for our option 2 for your entire order. We urge you to have a responsible person listen to every song before broadcast and compare lyrics with Internet sources while doing so.

Song File Names and other options

Files are normally named Artist - Title.wav. Upon request at no extra charge we can name Title - Artist or consecutively number from any starting number you specify in advance. Numbering individually from your list is not an available service but we can show you how to do it at your station and still get an Excel database that matches your numbers.
Peak levels are -6dB (as viewed in Adobe Audition). Other peak levels, add $0.10 per song.
Flash drive by USPS First Class Mail adds $20 per 30 GB = approx. 700-800 songs.

We Accept Credit Cards & PayPal

creditcards paypal
Checks with order are also accepted. Credit cards are not charged until your order is ready to ship (but we do preauthorize a transaction of the expected amount before we start work). There is a $6 minimum transaction on credit cards so a customer wanting a smaller order can get additional songs now. There is no refund or credit given on the $6 minimum because nearly all of that money goes to the credit card processing fees.