We have a massive CD wall with 100,000+ songs not listed online (including currents and recurrents)!

Frequent Small Order Plan

Prepay $300, draw any number per order until 150 songs have been delivered.
If you order fewer than 3 we charge for 3

Credit Card Slip & W9

Right click and 'Save Link As' to download a copy of either form listed below to your local hard drive.

UMC pricing

With Every Order, You Get:

Best quality WAVE music (true CD quality)
Automation ready songs with perfect auto-segue timing for YOUR brand of system
Fast and easy one-touch import of your entire library
Titles, artists, intro time, segue length and ending already typed on the "cart labels" that you'll see on screen
Excel database for one-click import to your music software of titles, artists, intro, length and ending with no typing
Consistent audio levels on all songs
Radio versions and at no extra cost, longer bonus versions for short/long, studio/live, more FCC-friendly lyrics*
Startup labor is fastest and least costly of any other method.

Work From Home Sale

Short Time Only

Pick the songs you want from your lists or ours and mention code 30off:
1,001+ songs - first 1000 at $0.90, then $1.29 per song for 1000+
200-1000 songs - now only $1.05 per song
100-199 songs - now only $1.22 per song
10-99 songs - now only $1.40 per song
Discount applies to next two accepted orders with music lists and credit card slip.
One discount per owner, can be discontinued without notice.
Internet delivery included in above rates. Flash drives optional and shipping extra.
Delivery generally ranges from same or next day or up to a week. Delivery quote are available on request when you order.

Regular Affordable Rates

or if you forget promo code on credit card slip
1,001+ songs - $1.29 per song
200-1000 songs - $1.50 per song
100-199 songs - $1.75 per song
10-99 songs - $2.00 per song

We Accept Credit Cards

PayPal and checks with order are also accepted. Credit cards are not charged until your order is ready to ship.

Song File Names and Peak Levels

Song file names are normally Artist - Title.wav. Upon request, we can name Title - Artist.wav or consecutively number from any starting number you want. Peak levels are -6dB (as viewed in Adobe Audition). Other peaks are available as special order. We will send a few test files at no charge upon request prior to delivery or order.

Delivery by Internet or Flash Drive

FTP, or similar Internet delivery - included at above rates.
Flash drive postpaid by USPS First Class Mail adds $25 per 30 GB = approx. 700-800 songs.

*100% Satisfaction Limited Warranty - click here