We have a massive CD wall with 100,000+ songs not listed online (including currents and recurrents)!

Frequent Small Order Plans

Prepay $150, draw any number per order until 50 songs have been delivered.

Prepay $300, draw any number per order until 175 songs have been delivered.

Credit Card Slip & W9

Right click and 'Save Link As' to download a copy of either form listed below to your local hard drive.

UMC pricing

Cost - Normal Shipment

Pick the songs you want from your lists or ours:
1,000+ songs - $1.29 per song
200-999 songs - $1.50 per song
100-199 songs - $1.75 per song
50-99 songs - $2.00 per song
25-49 songs - $3.00 per song*
11-25 songs - $4.00 per song*         (*also note Frequent Small Order options in box at left)
1-10 songs - $5.00 per song*
Above rates are for music delivered by Internet, or FTP. Flash drives and shipping extra.
With our usual volume of orders, normal delivery can be up to a week. You'll get a delivery quote at the time of your order.

Cost - Rush Processing

At extra cost of $0.25 per song delivered as follows, you can get
in by 9am, out by 5pm today, or
in by noon today, out by noon tomorrow
for FedEx shipment or Internet uploading from our studios for your first 500 songs. Such surcharge applies only to either the first 500 or the actual number of songs uploaded or shipped within the specified time, whichever is smaller. Internet download or FedEx delivery time is additional. Small orders are often sent same or next day without a rush charge but such is not guaranteed.

We Accept Credit Cards

Your card is charged when we get your music list and automation info.

Song File Names

Song file names are normally Artist - Title.wav. Upon request, we can name Title - Artist.wav or consecutively number from any starting number you want. For an extra $0.25 per song and an extra day for delivery, we can use your pre-assigned numbers.

Delivery by Internet or Flash Drive

FTP or delivery - included at above rates.
Flash drive by mail adds $20 per 30 GB = approx. 700-800 songs.

100% Satisfaction Limited Warranty - click here